Awareness: Climate

Global Warming

It’s happening now… We can see it and feel it. Climate change is not just the rising temperature across the globe on land and sea. The glaciers are melting faster than ever. It’s either continuous heavy downpour which leads to floods, or worst, never-ending droughts. The rise in sea level is hitting all-time high and growing higher. All the above is resulting in floods, droughts, landslides, tsunamis, thunderstorm, twisters and tornadoes… you name it, its everywhere…

Most scientist agree that climate change is happening now. The frequency of occurrences is going on the higher side. The main reason behind most of these issues, as we all know, is the human breed, our greed, our laziness and our selfishness. We are consistently recording the highest ever temperatures year after year. The main reason is our activities that result in the increase of greenhouse gases. Gases, which trap heat from escaping, are called greenhouse gases. The excess of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons are main issues.

This increase in greenhouse gases is attributed to human activities. The main sources are burning of fossil fuels, destroying wetlands and coastline ecosystem and deforestation.

As a result of greenhouse effect, first time in three million years, the level of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere touched the highest in the year 2016. The main source of greenhouse effect is the burning of fossil fuels for electricity production, transportation, industries, commercial and residential consumption.

Where to start is the only confusion here because the issues are numerous, moreover situation is going to be even worse.

There are many studies happening around the world on climate change. Lot of data is available for everyone over the Internet. Anybody concerned enough to spent time to understand the present condition of our earth, due to our actions, will eventually embrace conservation for sure.

The situation is very scary, especially for under developed regions across the globe. But this doesn’t mean urban life is not affected. The fury of nature is going to effect everyone and every species on earth. The saddest part is that humans are the root cause of most of the issues.

An increase of just one degree Celsius in the global temperature has already caused ice to melt and rise in sea level. When the temperature hike touches 1.5 degree Celsius there will be wide spread disasters all over the world. The fact is we are very near this landmark already. When the temperature spikes by two degree Celsius, sea levels will rise by two to five meters. Coastlines world over will be engulfed by the seas and there will be global demand for new infrastructure.

On the other side, there will be disastrous drought. There will be conflicts and violence for fresh water and food. Epidemics will spread like fire. Either because of flood or because of drought, life will become difficult for all forms of life on earth.

Drought will lead to increase in forest fires, this combined with human deforestation will aggravate the situation. Either way the greenhouse gases are bound to increase.

Agriculture around the world will be affected by extreme weather conditions. This extreme weather will also affect transportation by air, land or sea making it difficult to travel. Energy supply and distribution will be disrupted – just imagine our cosmopolitan lives without electricity affecting water supply, gas connections, hospitals, vehicles … scary like a doomsday Hollywood movie, but unfortunately this can happen.

Our transportation, industries, life style, our ego, our ignorance, these are the causes of the current global warming that we are facing.

Intense droughts, floods, energy supply disruptions from extreme weather, rise in sea level demand new infrastructure development, coastal impacts, transportation in extreme weather condition, disruption of agriculture, food security, increasing deforestation, forest fire, health hazards, new disease, allergies, water supply the list be endless…

According to the world population clock the current human population is 7.4 billion plus. There was a pattern in this world, there was a correlation, a mutual understanding and respect but the moment we humans become lazy and greedy everything changed. It’s not an overnight solution. But we need start or join hands in this task NOW!!!

There thousands of small things we all can do on a personal level to begin with.

Switch from the traditional bulbs to energy efficient lighting products. This can help you to reduce up to 25% of your home energy budget and these products have more life too. Be conscious to switch of the lights after the usage.

Keep your heating/cooling system properly maintained. Try to minimalize the use as much as possible.

Make sure to buy energy efficient home appliances.

Invest in Green Energy like solar and wind power.

Go for recycled product, which will be cost-effective too. Here you are reducing your cost and helping to reduce the production, storing and transpiration cost.

Buy only fuel-efficient vehicles and do proper maintenance. A well maintained vehicle and proper driving can reduce up to 30% fuel efficiency. Refrigerant gas is extremely bad for the environment and your vehicle’s A/C maintenance / service equally important.

Drive as less as possible, try healthy alternatives like walking or bicycles whenever and wherever it’s possible.

Donate as much possible to recycling and reuse; your trash can be a treasure for someone. It may be food, cloths, appliances, computers, phones, furniture’s anything which can be reused.

There are thousands of actions like this we as individuals can do. PT Explorers will be updating this regularly. Spread the idea and information to as many people. Let your life be an example and encourage your close circle to do the same. Collectively we can start to do actions to reduce the damages we have created.

You may have better ideas to share. This world and we need your inputs. Please do share your thoughts and ideas with us.




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