Wild Art Interviews: Africa Always Wins

Africa Always Wins

Introduction: Giorgia Olando 

Giorgia graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin and she aspire to become a full-time painter. In 2016 she moved to Milan, taking along her studio La Tana. In this intimate space she enjoys her solitude, mastering the colors that defines her canvas. Self-criticism is also a fundamental phase of her work, exhibitions and event help her to understand the feelings of her audience, listening to opinions and advices. 

From 2014 she decided to devote herself exclusively to pencil drawing, the technique that will lead to evolve her work and deepening the study of animals in their natural environment.  

Africa Always Wins!

I have always dreamed of traveling in Africa. It was a really strong desire and I believe that when the desires are so powerful then they come true. In fact, in 2013, the Best Italian Wildlife Artist Award gave me the opportunity to realize this dream.

My first trip to Africa, was between Malawi and Zambia where I was finally able to discover and experience a part of this immense continent. Here nature, in the first days of June is a bit 'different from that of classical African big savannah; is greener, more wooded, lusher and you have to wait for and find the animals. It is very funny!

From this trip was born a small travel book summarizing the places, animals and my emotions. The second trip, however, dates back to last summer, in 'August 2015, between Kenya and Tanzania. An incredible adventure, shared with two of my best friends, where I could really get in touch with nature, culture and people of the place. The emotions were endless in the Masai Mara park, Serengeti and Arusha. Back I could realize many drawings, for almost the whole year. One of my favorites is "IO & TE" ("ME & YOU"), pencil on paper, 19x47 cm. Two zebras to the viewer, looking intertwined with each other, in an undefined space and infinity. I like very often, to compose the image without using a drawn background, but leaving the paper sheet white, so that the viewer can imagine and dream a little'.

The technique I use since last 3 years is pencil on paper, simple tool, available to everyone, a technique often considered "minor". I believe, however, it is a very complex technique, which allows to create infinite shades and also very demanding work. It is also a tool with which I can easily investigate the details of my work being very meticulous and detailed. From these experiences I discovered that Africa is a continent of which I never tire and that every day lived in here is always a special day because you never know what will happen to you. Africa always wins!




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