If an image can inspire someone to take a small step to protect the vanishing beauties, why not?

This is the baby step of a big mission. To stand-up for or against a cause, one should have at-least the basic knowledge about the issues involved. Paws Trails Explorers is an online global platform for sharing, caring, and getting closer to nature.

We are in an era where many people possess good cameras. PT Explorers brings expert guidance and experience to share with all subscribers, We can learn together to Improve our photography skills. There are opportunities to use our photos as a voice for the voiceless.

The idea is to share information and awareness about declining wildlife populations and vanishing species. Paws Trails will explore un-touched destinations.
Sharing the experience of master wildlife photographers and their thoughts on conservation is one of the goals of PT Explorers.

You can add your voice to PT Explorers. Our experts will consider your suggestions and contributions and publish the selected ones in PT Explorers magazine or in the website.

Let us hold our hands together for this journey. We look forward to your participation and support in our journey together.

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We are living in a world where the pressure from growing human population is causing irreparable damages to the ecosystem. We are facing the worst rate of extinction of species the planet Learn more...


Extinction is part of the circle of evolution, with or without human influence. But the problem now is, because of we humans and our activities the extinction rate has increased 100 fold in last 10 Learn more...


Our planet has major biological systems knows as ecosystems such as grasslands, savannahs, forests, tundra, alpine, deserts, coastal and oceanic. Scientists have subdivided ecosystems into smaller Learn more...

Fresh Water

Providing adequate supplies of fresh water to the world’s seven billion plus population is a serious issue facing individuals, communities, governments, agriculture and businesses. Most fresh Learn more...

Wildlife Photography Tips & Tricks

DSLRs made photography accessible and affordable for comparatively more people. There is no time lag like the old days which is a great blessing. There are more possibilities to practice and correct our mistakes. Tips & Tricks section is a place to share what we learned from our experience. Tips and Tricks section can be about: 1. a particular feature of a camera model, 2. type of lens, 3, photographic style one developed, or 4. about an approach for addressing a subject. There are unlimited elements we can discuss and discover. PT Explorer invites you to share your ideas with our audience. We will review your contributions and approved articles will be published either in the website or in the magazine.

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Be the voice for the voiceless.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Words are much more powerful than weapons. A combination of these two together can contribute much for the voiceless. According to the most recent reports the world has lost around 50% of our wildlife populations. Unfortunately the main causes behind most of these losses are humans and their unethical activities. The first step is to stop any further damage to Mother Earth. The second step is to spread an understanding of how we can live in harmony with nature. This doesn’t require your financial inputs. First and foremost the point is to spread awareness on sustainable living.. Knowledge is meant to be shared. The more knowledge is shared, the more one becomes master of ones' life. . Our aim is to reach the common people and to share stories and images related to conservation, travel and photography. Please share your images, stories and ideas with PT Explorers. Let us be the channel to reach the roots.

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Paws Trails Travel

At Paws Trails, we believe photography is not just a technique. It’s a way of life. We are more than happy to share our expertise with you, while we journey together into exotic locales and virgin territories.

We arrange exclusive tours that are photography-centric. Wildlife, Nature, Astro and Landscape are just some of the subjects we cover during our sojourn. Whether a seasoned veteran behind the lens or an aspiring novice eager to master the fine art of light and shadows, we have something to suit your taste.


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