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The Root

Every action in this world gets a past, of being a dream, of being thoughts, eventually getting to discussions and finally being practical. The distance from dreams to reality is often quite long. The possibility is that after the initial enthusiasm we tend to lose our grip, dreams just float in the air for some time and then eventually succumb to a slow death.

The base for PT Explorers is the love for nature, to explore and protect the remaining for the future. The search for capturing moments in the wild brought us closer to Mother Nature and connected a group of like-minded souls. The first step was traveling together which lead to discussions during and after every journey. Every session we discussed new aspects of nature that we observed. Everyone had something to teach or share. That’s when we thought of having a global platform for sharing the experience and knowledge.

Like any other crazy thought, 99% of our circle of friends just made fun of us. Only 1% was supportive of our dreams. 

But once we made the decision to launch an online magazine, the universe just cleared the path for us.

The discussions started by three friends now is a group of 20 plus passionate working adults with a collective experience of 100 plus years in photography, another 100 plus years in conservation and science. We have traveled across 50 plus countries and as part of a tree planting activity planted 40,000 plus trees across the globe. We have in our fold, photographers, conservationists, artists, designers, writers, travelers and many others. The string that connects and holds us together is our unwavering love for nature.

We received support from all corners of the world for our online magazine called PT Explorers. Now it’s the beginning of a journey together, a collective reality and a cause to live for all of us. 

Let us hold our hands together for this journey. We look forward to your participation and support.




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